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Tristan Perich
Composition for Three Small Speakers
PE013 - Device - $30 Add to Cart
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Tristan Perich's newest circuit album, Composition for Three Small Speakers, comes as an electronic device that plays its three-channel music live. Following on his previous circuit albums (1-Bit Symphony, Noise Patterns, 1-Bit Music), Composition for Three Small Speakers is both a composition and a performance. When turned on, its music is synthesized in real-time by code programmed by the artist. Making a physical connection between code and hardware, the music was written to be performed by the same speakers the listener holds in their hands.

Commission/coproduction: Festival Musica and La Muse en Circuit.

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Loud Objects
Noise Toys
PE011 - 5-Pack - $120 Add to Cart
#1 "Sunrise" - Device - $30 Add to Cart
#2 "Manatees" - Device - $30 Add to Cart
#3 "Broccoli" - Device - $30 Add to Cart
#4 "Oracle" - Device - $30 Add to Cart
#5 "Butterfly" - Device - $30 Add to Cart
Noise Toys are a series of ready-to-go synthesizers created by the long-running Brooklyn circuit-bending trio Loud Objects, who are known for building and programming their own audio hardware. The Noise Toys are portable versions of the music chips Loud Objects use in their live performances, and come in five different glitched-out sonic flavors. Each Noise Toy is programmed with its own 1-bit generative sound pattern, armed with an old-style toggle power switch, two buttons that modulate the sound, and an audio output jack. Half album and half instrument, the Noise Toys are equally at home in the hands of both casual listeners and musicians looking for a new instrument.

Tristan Perich
Noise Patterns
PE010 - Device - $30 Add to Cart

Noise Patterns digs into the primitive particles of digital 1-bit audio that has become Perich's signature sound. As with his previous circuit albums, Noise Patterns is not released as a CD or record. Noise Patterns comes as a minimalist matte-black circuit board with a headphone jack in the side. Plug in and switch it on to listen to Perich's music unfold. The 6-track album explores how digital noise can be shaped and stressed, from glittering static into the mesmerizing electronic thump of a nightclub. On a technical level, the sonic raw material in Noise Patterns is digital 1-bit noise: a probabilistic density of random oscillations that Perich sequences into rhythmic patterns and layers into textures, pulses, rumbles and beats. These sounds are Perich's very own, programmed by the artist and synthesized in real-time as the circuit plays. The physical format of Noise Patterns reveals how Perich engages music at all levels, from sound all the way down to the binary instructions of the hardware.

Lesley Flanigan
PE009 - - $12 Add to Cart
The ghostly beat is by a malfunctioning tape deck and the voice-cloud is by Lesley Flanigan, layering herself against the unceasing pulse. The result is "Hedera," a vivid new extended recording on Physical Editions from the New York-based electronic musician and instrument builder, and an elegant new platform for the powerful vehicle of Flanigan's voice. Like her previous work, Hedera’s intimate physical electronic music is simultaneously performative, rigorous, and visceral. It is likewise an assured new direction for Flanigan, whose duets with her unique hand-crafted wooden speaker feedback systems have been documented on 2014's Glacier and 2009's Amplifications, the latter called a "snow storm of a record" by New Music Box. Invested with the same powerful physicality as her speaker explorations, the two tracks of Hedera move her sculptural approach to sound towards a new synthesis, a gorgeous new setting for her voice that finds itself halfway between the equally hallowed spaces of the experimental music hall and the dance floor.

Tristan Perich
Subscription (4x CD + Score) - $50 Add to Cart
Telescope - CD + Score - $12 Add to Cart
Dual Synthesis - CD + Score - $15 Add to Cart
Active Field - CD + Score - $15 Add to Cart
Parallels (With Meehan/ Perkins Duo) - CD + Score - $18 Add to Cart
Tristan Perich's "Compositions," is a new series of recordings of his composed works for acoustic instrumentation with 1-bit electronics, released individually on CD in special packaging that includes their full musical scores printed in poster form. This year, four works will be released, scored as duos between percussion, winds, harpsichord, strings and his 1-bit electronics, featuring performances by Meehan/ Perkins Duo, Ensemble Signal, Daniel Walden and others.

The recordings will be available individually ($12-$18) or as a $50 pre-order subscription, released over the course of 2015. A limited artist edition will be available for $250 at the end of the year. All physical orders will include digital audio downloads.

Tristan Perich
1-Bit Symphony
PE003 - Device - $30 Add to Cart
Tristan Perich's 1-Bit Symphony is a dazzlingly low-fi electronic composition in five movements on a single microchip. A complete electronic circuit utilizes on and off electrical pulses, synthesized by assembly code, to manifest data as sound. The Wall Street Journal wrote, “Its oscillations have an intense, hypnotic force and a surprising emotional depth.” The device treats electricity as a sonic medium, making an intimate connection between the materiality of hardware and the abstract logic of software.

Tristan Perich
PE004 - Book - $40 Add to Cart
0.01s, Perich's companion to 1-Bit Symphony, is a voluminous synthesis of sound and computation in book form, giving a tangible mass to the code behinds its music. Digging even deeper into the basic operations of computation, 0.01s captures the inner workings of 1-Bit Symphony over the first hundredth of a second after it is switched on. In just 0.01 seconds, its processor executes 80,000 computational cycles, enough information to fill a 695-page book with austere tables of numbers and machine language, becoming a visual meditation on the internal mechanics of computation. First printing (2014) sold out. Back in print with a second printing (2020).

Lesley Flanigan
PE002 - CD - $7 Add to Cart
Lesley Flanigan's "Glacier" continues her work for speaker feedback instruments and voice. The two-track EP presents a focused approach to the elements of her music, its first track delving into the minutiae of the sounds of her speakers and voice, the second track for layered voices alone.

Lesley Flanigan
PE001 - CD - $10 Add to Cart
Lesley Flanigan's first release, Amplifications, introduces her music for feedback and solo voice. Inspired by the tangible elements of electronic sound, she performs with handmade speaker feedback instruments, capturing their complex sounds using a single microphone that she then layers against her own voice.